My race schedule in London

The IPC released the schedule of events for Track & Field today for the 2012 London Paralympics.

I’m a bit concerned that an alligator has gone around eating T53 women around the world. :) I say this because in the years leading up to these Games my classification (T53) has been very strong and has consisted of more than eight females. Yet, the latest schedule of events for London shows all of my events as straight finals! Totally crazy! In my mind, it’s not the best case scenario as I like to be able to go out there and test the field in a semi-final. With straight finals, you go onto the track a little bit blind of what your competitors are currently capable of doing. But as always, we ┬ámust make the best of what we are given.

Sun 02 Sept: 100m Final @ 8:58pm
Wed 05 Sept: 800m Final @ 8:01pm
Thurs 06 Sept: 200m Final @ 8:59pm
Sat 08 Sept: 400m Final @ 9:21pm

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